A camera in hand. A life to live. A world to explore. Adventure.

Uncomfortable is good

Originally uploaded by headshotzx.


A crowd of people looking. The spotlight’s on. Nervousness sets in.
And then, a push forward in the right direction. Creativity flourishes. Excellence.

Can’t believe I forgot this valuable lesson from the band days.

I’ve been getting too comfortable with what I do and how I do things recently. Relying on working formulas and not developing or revamping it till it seems overused.

Not just in photography really. In many other ways as well. And often, in every other part of my life.

I think I’ve found my first legit new year’s resolution:

To get out of my comfort zone.

Be stronger. Think faster. Go deeper. Aim further.


Blogged the post after reading this blog post by Chase Jarvis.

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